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We Are Scientists!!
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This is a community for the fantastic band "We are scientists".

Join to talk about past and upcoming dates, single releases, album releases, share your pictures, WAS art work even and basically everything else you can think of!

Go and Visit http://www.wearentscientists.com for update information! They may have called us "fangirl central", but boy, they aren't wrong!

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A few simple rules of the community:

1) Introduction posts are optional. Tell us where you're from and why you love WAS so much.
2) Keep long posts and picture posts under an Lj cut, I'm sure our members won't want their friends' pages spammed.
3) Advertising is not allowed! If advertising for other communities appears, the post will be immediately deleted.
4) Remain friendly to other users. Racial, homophobic or sexist comments will be deleted and the member banned.
5) Please keep posts related to WAS, what way, it keeps everybody happy.

www.wearescientists.com is your gateway to unbridled passion

If you have any problems at all, or want to help with the backgrounds etc then don't hesitate to contact me at my journal or at afilmforthefuture@gmail.com

Thanks! Your Mod. my_chaos_dream

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